Thursday, 6 October 2011

Clive Sutton says NO to ABS on the Today Programme

This morning (6 October), Clive Sutton, honorary secretary of SPG ,appeared on the Today Programme to say NO to ABS.

If you missed it, you can find it here.


  1. Upon listening to the debate today, the biggest concern of most of my Clients is cost, and the Co op seemed to indicate that you could not obtain fixed prices or a clear indication of costs from a solicitor, surely, this should have been shot down in flames, bearing in mind our clear professional guidance. I appreciate that there was not a lot of time to express points, but I think our strength as SPs is that we are costs effective, we have fixed fees, and we are approachable, independence is more of a minefield given referral fees

  2. Just to update everyone, SPG has now secured an Early Day Motion, opposing ABS.

    There is a lobbying event on 31st October at 3pm at the Houses of Parliament to highlight the campaign.

    More information about this and how you can attend is available at

    Thank you!

  3. Thanks everyone who came along to Parliament yesterday to lobby their MP!

    If you couldn't attend, you can still lobby your MP before the 7th November deadline - go to the Houses of Parliament (via security at St Stephen's entrance) and head to Central Lobby. You fill in a green card to request your MP to meet with you and within an hour they should come down to see you or apologise for not being around (in which case you can ask to meet their researcher).

    Ideally write to your MP in advance to check if they can meet you and, even if you can't attend Parliament, please do write to your MP to put forward your views against ABS. (There is a draft letter on SPG's website at )